Hidden objects


industrial design that had been developed to improve the quality of users’ lives is gradually degenerating into a means of marketing for companies as of recently. Thus, design is ironically making our environment more complicated little by little. Numerous companies desire to make their newly released products stand out more than previous ones in terms of visuals to draw more attention from consumers. This leads to adding unnecessary decorations and shapes during design, thereby causing visual discomfort. In the end, this also becomes the reason for throwing away things easily as users get jaded with such overly stimulating design as time passes by.

Design Studio SFSO designed “Hidden Objects” by refraining from making visually conspicuous daily items and pondering over how they can be naturally hidden and blended in with the surrounding environment. Through simplifying forms to the max by removing inessential adornment as much as possible or using the way of fully replicating the figures of nearby objects, “Hidden Objects” can be concealed in the surroundings when they are not being used. These present the possibility of using things longer by providing less visual stimulation with their product design.

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