Foldy Tray Series  2019—05

Sheet metal bending is not only reasonable in manufacturing cost, but also excellent in durability, and can be produced in small quantities. ‘Foldy’ is a set of office tray series made of a folded 1.6 mm metal sheet. The edges of each tray are rounded, eliminating the industrial feeling of metal. Additionally, the face that hold papers or business cards is angled slightly, which  allows the items to be organized naturally without intentional effort on the part of the user.

H-beam lamps  2019—05

 H beam is a construction material for building modern sky-scrappers, which is why the material has an extremely strong structure despite its low cost and simple manufacturing methods. For that reason, we were able to find unique aesthetic features of the H beam, which allows us to apply it on designing various types of the lamp. The beam, which is used as the base part of the lightings, helps the user stably adjust the angle and height of the light source due to proper weight and shape. Also, since the body of the lighting is assembled only with the folded metal sheets and screws, the production process can be simplified as much as possible. .

OU Collection 2019—05

 Designed to symbolize the binding relationship between pen and ink, Collection OU includes 4 vases and trays ideal for stationery storage, specifically LAMY fountain pens and LAMY ink bottles of either 50 or 30ml volumes. Each item is available in multiple color options; formed as a single part, injection molded ABS plastic; and finished with a fine sanding process, achieving a smooth durable surface.

MOTE tray 2018—02

Mote tray series is a set of trays for bathroom, which is a result of a project with Mote, modern bathroom object brand. 

TP-01 tilted projector  2016—04

 This projector is a result from a collaboration with Punkt, a consumer electronic company in Switzerland. As they wanted to create marketable products with simplicity in their design and functions, we concentrated on user’s hidden habit while they watch movies in their room. What we could find on thier habit was they often change thier posture, like sitting, leaning, lying on the bed or sofa. However, common projectors are mostly limited to project only on vertical walls. So, we designed a projector that angles can be easily tilted depending on various postures, which allows users feel more comfortable to watch movies.

Seoul, San Francisco